VAK Jewels

Vishal Kothari’s vision for his fine jewelry collection VAK,
pushes the boundaries of Indian jewelry craftsmanship. A seemingly effortless combination
of daring design with a strong sculptural aesthetic and contemporary edge.

Sinuous shapes, soft lines and unexpected compositions give an understated wearability and femininity. Visually striking, VAK jewels have a distinctive edginess while reinterpreting motifs from nature and architecture, from the lotus flower to climbing vines, to the intricacy of Mughal design.

Only 120 one-of-a-kind works are created a year in high jewelry, each a seamless canvas of floating gemstones, skillfully set with minimal metal to emphasize their natural beauty and boldness. A technical innovator with a mastery of metallurgy and artisanal craftsmanship, VAK creates new possibilities in working with portrait-cut diamonds along with colored gemstones.

Collected by a discerning clientele, VAK jewels have featured at Sotheby’s and Phillips and design fairs such as PAD London, Ataya Abu Dhabi, and DJWE Doha. VAK retails at select galleries in Europe, the United States, and Middle East

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